Vandelay Hospitality Group (VHG) was founded by Dallas based businessman Hunter Pond in the fall of 2012. Seeking to provide an iconically styled American restaurant brand for the fine-casual sector, Hunter conceived East Hampton Sandwich Company, the first gourmet sandwich growth brand in the state of Texas, and one of the first in the country. The East Hampton brand became synonymous with high-quality service and craftsmanship, allowing for rapid growth and expansion across many markets.

Using a similar approach, Vandelay expanded its services to include full-service dining with the creation of the east coast themed Hudson House concept, which again opened to rave reviews and full tables every evening. Today, Vandelay operates 12 restaurants across 3 brands, in 4 cities. Our approach towards the conceptualization and operation of restaurants is considered a contrarian point of view in that we are anti-trends. 

The Vandelay ethos is one founded on longevity, timelessness and style. The balance of class and simplicity allows our partners and guests to enjoy themselves and express their personalities in comfortable environments for multiple generations.

How it started