We fuel growth in people-driven companies through strategic direction and unmatched operational expertise. We provide our partners with the unique resources they need to encourage the most effective growth; leveraging the collective expertise of VHG operators, chefs, marketers, interior designers, artists, IT professionals, and more. Since 2012, our businesses have been recognized consistently for first-rate hospitality, unmatched experience, and culinary excellence. We align with people-first organizations that prioritize hospitality—no matter their industry.   



We're always looking to purchase interesting, well-located real estate for our Vandelay Hospitality Group-owned or affiliated concepts. Have a property worth looking at? Contact us below to get in touch with the VHG real estate team. 

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We make investments that are flexible, generally  non-control, and geared towards long-term growth.

Our partners have ample opportunities to collaborate, learn, and exchange ideas with a network of passionate leaders who share common values.

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Turning a good company into a great one takes the kind of know-how that only a dynamic team of seasoned experts can provide.

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