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"More than a collection of restaurants.
A lifestyle, and a timeless pursuit
of excellence." 

The success of our restaurants is deeply linked to our exceptional culture, which revolves around an obsessive attention to detail, our people, and exceeding expectations. Each refined piece - from culinary, to design, to service - binds together to present an unforgettable, consistent experience for our guests. Not about trends or fleeting moments, the lifestyle we provide is about values and lasting impressions.


It is through the efforts of many passionate individuals that unparalleled experiences are delivered to our guests. Our people are meticulous in every task, sophisticated in execution, and approach everything with world-class service and charm. After all, what is remembered after any experience is how someone made you feel.



Designed and curated in-house, Vandelay brands are authentic and timeless, applying a comfortable sense of aging that goes against trends. Immense research and due diligence is involved in this process. Blending a polished eclecticism with artisanal, quality materials, each restaurant becomes a lifestyle canvas—an incubator of innovation where design and culinary themes make their debut. 


Our perspective of the culinary arts is uniquely American—strict sourcing guidelines and tremendous passion intersect to identify the best products on the market, coast to coast. Each brand is created to fit a cohesive theme, transporting guests to another time and place the moment they walk through the door. Not only through design, but through the food and drinks we serve. Our culinary talent is committed to providing an unforgettable, lifestyle-focused experience through superior quality and taste.


Rooted in heritage, all aspects of our brands nod to historic American restaurant culture. All art packages are curated in-house, and cultural memorabilia decorate each property. Concepts are inspired by different neighborhoods and cultures in our country—created with the goal of familiarity versus obscurity. The American pursuit of excellence inspires us to provide the best in class at every touch point. 


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Music creates the collective energy of each experience, making it an essential part of VHG. Creativity is sparked at the Vandelay HQ with the wide variety of genres and playlists explored on a weekly basis. Restaurant playlists are meticulously curated upon the conception of each brand. It’s our way of orchestrating the best experience within each of our properties. 


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